Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 17 Weigh-In (-46 pounds)

Hi ladies and gents. Week 17 and I am checking in with my update. Food consumption much,much better. Man how food can affect a mood. Well, I can not eat like I had before but I can eat better. I had one heck of a fill don't you think. I don't see myself going back until two more months maybe. This might actually be my sweet spot. Now that I have that all straightened out, I need to get my exercise routine going again. I think I was just so disgustedwith the eating situation that I was being rebellious and anti-exercise. But now, I am super-psyched because the weight is coming off again and I am so happy about it! Now I want to go exercise to speed this thing along and get to MARRIED Stephanie!! Anyone who follows my blog regular knows what that means! 230's here I come!!! I feel good. Blood Pressure good! Clothes are loose and I think even my feet have lost weight. I have decided to get an arm lift in May of this year. Anyone have any ideas or advise on that? I have been measuring my arms and suprisingly, they have not gone down. I have these dreadful arms that I inherited from my lovely mother and her mother before her and I refuse to go down without plastic surgery...LOLOLOLOL! I am really excited. I think that my arms are big and no matter how much weight I lose, it will be like a flag waving around that makes me look big regardless. I plan on a tummy tuck later on in the year if I can afford it. My arms are a MUST. I can live with my tummy!

Anyway, people, my video is below....enjoy and hope everyone is ok.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WEIGH-IN (- 44pounds) Week 15

Greetings People!

I am still tightly restricted and not able to eat much solid food and to be quite honest miserable. I am healthy though. My doctor says that if I have not acid reflux, heartburn, etc. I am ok and should take advantage of the weight loss. Great right? I am missing food. Missing chewing. Missing eating period. I know that people crave restriction but come on! I think I am leaning towards the "Lets lose weight slowly" crowd. If I could eat a cup full of food a sitting I would be the happiest camper.

In other news.....I have had to think about getting some smaller clothes. My bigger clothes look really crappy and I am a little sad about it. Isnt that crazy. I am skipping over sizes. Its crazy. I did empty out my closet to send my clothes to some friends but I am upset that the Michael Kors pants I bought last year didnt get to touch my rear end. I have great clothes and I am going to hate to depart with some of them. I know, I can get them taken in and I have but it seems to be never ending. I picked a couple of dresses up that I had taken in and they had to be taken in again. How do you handle the whole clothes part of the deal? It seems pointless to buy much. I do need to look professional every day and my failsafe dresses look dumpy!

The picture though is of me now in a dress I couldnt wear for the past three years. Some might think its still a little tight but I think its PERFECT!!!

Anywho, everyone have a great week.