Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cookie Monster

Merry Christmas ALL!!! I was a cooking machine for Christmas dinner yesterday. I made some great dishes and even substituted some of the things I am forced to eat in place of the traditional ingredients like egg beaters for eggs. I didnt eat much during dinner and stuck to my protein first and veggies second, potatoes last program. BUT........later that day, I had to have some chocolate chip cookies. Not just one people, I had to have 6 maybe 7 wiith whole milk. I really just fell off the truck. So why???? Its because I was home alone. My honey went home to his family and my kids were off with their friends and I was home alone watching television. I have to add that I did get up before opening presents yesterday morning and worked out to Biggest Losers Cardio Max, which I love, love, love. But, I digress. Back to the cookies.

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am an emotional eater. I knew I was doing it and I did it anyway. Oh why?! I woke up this morning thinking about those darn cookies and why I had to have them. When all of the family gathered for dinner, I had such great comments on how good I looked and how much smaller I looked (I wore some jeans that I couldnt fit before on purpose :-)). I STILL ate those darn cookies!!!! Gheesh.

What bothers me is that I CAN do it. That I have the ability to eat what I want really. I have hardly any restriction and for the most part people, I have stuck to the plan and controlled myself but I swear, this is so hard when there are things I crave and can eat and can eat in great quantity. My fill is on January 12th and I am afraid that they wont give me enough to help me take control.

This doesnt make me feel better, blabbing about this weakness of mine. But the cookies are done and over with.

I will try harder!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

WEIGH-IN (-22 pounds) Week 4

Well folks....No big changes this week. Had a great time at my company holiday party....see left. I must say that I am struggling in bandster hell but I am keeping to the diet even though I can eat quite a bit more than I could before. I have to say I have limits but I have plenty of room in that little ol' belly. I did manage to get a fill scheduled for Janaury 12 th so two weeks sooner than before. Thank god for cancellations.

This week I have eaten quite a bit of fish. All kinds. Mahi-Mahi, Salmon, trout and snapper. Needless to say, I am sooo tired of fish. It seems to be easy going down though and good for me. I eat like (protein first), veggies then carbs. If I eat carbs at lunch, I skip the carbs (potatoes) at dinner. Still eating a protein shake or egg beater omelet though. I have had more sugar than I was before which might be slowing the whole weight loss process but I have eaten them in moderation.

I am increasing my exercise from 45 minutes to 60 minutes at least 4 times a week and I feel like I am really ready to start jogging. I am going to wait one more week though because I dont want to do any harm. My schedule is crazy though and I am really exercising 3 times a week solid. I do at least 60 and if I feel good, I do 15-30 minutes more.

I am so ready to lose more weight. My goodness. I can not wait for my next fill. I have goals to reach and I want to get below 250 in the next month. Not very lofty ideas. exactly 18 pounds away.

Anyway, that is my report this week. I feel good, I feel healthy, lets move on to the next stage!
(11/21/08) 290
(12/1/08) 273
(12/7/08) 268
(12/14/08) 270
12/21/08) 268

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WEIGH-IN (-20 pounds) Week 3

Well, you read it right. I GAINED three pounds. I guess its because I don't feel as much restriction as I I have been. I actually feel like I can eat anything I want. My first fill is on January 21 and I wish it vwere tomorrow. I feel something like panic at having the ability to eat what I want and gaining 3 pounds. I am sticking to the plan however but had a minor slip up and ate some chocolate. I am still eating protein first, vegetables second and keeping my carbs down. I am also exercising 45 minutes at least 3 times a week. I am increasing that this week to 4 or 5 times since I now have a treadmill at home.

Since I travel alot, I found a fill doctor in Dallas Texas. He charges 200 a visit and each visit he uses flouro. Very happy about that. Will post his link later.

Not much to report. I will try very hard in the next few weeks to limit my food intake despite if I feel full or not and exercise more.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Picture minus 23 pounds.

Adding a picture of my progress. Down 23 pounds!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Folks. I was referred to Memorial Hospital Weight Loss Centers in Chattanooga Tennessee because they were good and affordable. I live in Nashville Tennessee. I had my surgery done in Mexico, like thousands of other people around the globe and I kept calling for three days straight to get in touch with them to schedule my first fill. Today, I got through. They require a $2,000.00 flat fee to transfer to Dr. Rose. I asked what the transfer fee is for and they said "Because you had your surgery done in Mexico, you have to pay a flat fee."I am livid.

I had one of the best surgeons who is also a surgeon at Baylor Hospital state side to perform my surgery. I am more than happy to pay a fee especially since I paid out of pocket for my surgery (DEDICATION), to get my fills. I am very disappointed that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for this. I have my surgical notes, records and x-rays and have in fact lost 23 pounds since 11/21/08. I can not beleive this! If anyone knows anyone else in Tennessee who are not donkeys, please send them my way.

I am not sure if I am just learning about this new "racism". I feel like I received the very best care from some of the very best people with hospital and surgical facilities that surpass some of our own in the states. I feel like I spent the time, money and effort to help myself and that some of these surgeons here are taking advantage. Dont they know how large our network is. I received the referral from a fellow bander. Wouldn't they expect news like this to spread like wildfire. The reason I went to Mexico is because the cost of healthcare here is atrocious and expensive.

I am so disappointed right now. I will continue my search but I feel helpless and at the whims of these people.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

WEIGH-IN (-22 pounds)

So today is my weekly weigh-in and I am down 22 pounds since my surgery on 11/21/08. I am so washed today because it has been a busy busy weekend. Yesterday I was running around so much that I didnt eat or drink much. I feel like I don't drink enough water throughout the day at all. I fill up fast when I drink or eat and the rule is to not drink 45 minutes before you eat and 30 minute after. It seems that since I try to eat throughout the day I am in some vicious cycle. I am on my mushy stage so I am a little hestitant to try anything new. I did do fine this morning with an egg white omelet with ham and salmon last night. I am trying to take it slow so I don't have any horror stories to report. I am fascinated by how much more effort I put into thinking about what I put in my body these days. My thinking is that I don't get much so I try to make it count.

I have gotten some great recipe ideas from I am going to try this ricotta bake soon. I did buy some deviled ham and chickent and tuna in a can. I just haven't concocted anything with it yet. I love chicken salad, so I might try that tonight and use my lonely food processor.

I also put on a dress that I bought a size smaller a few months ago and it fit perfectly. I am so pleased with my progress. It really does keep me going.

I feel good but need more calories. I get tired so fast. so I will work on that this week. I am keeping a staple to my morning breakfast and that is my protein drink. Only because I can get out of the door with it pretty quickly.

Til next week!
Start (11/21/08) 290
(12/1/08) 273
(12/7/08) 268

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Jennifer, my only bloger follower


I am trying to email you but can't find an email linked to your account. Email me and I will certainly answer any questions that you may have.