Monday, January 19, 2009

WEIGH-IN (-30 pounds) Week 8

Greetings Lap Banders and Lap Bander fans! I am reporting in at a whooping 30 pounds lighter. I have included a few pictures onm this post although my outfit is not form fitting I can tell..HA! Also, don't I look like I am about to kill someone? LOL. I wasnt. I happier photo in the second one.
I had my first fill January 12th. This week has been a little crazy. Directly after the fill, I was able to eat mushies the next day. However, since yesterday, I have not been able to down any solid foods....even in very small bites. This morning I tried eggs and hash mushed up. Even taking the small bites, brought on so much pain and rejection, I had to stop. This has brought me to a brand new experience. When food doesnt go down, it feels like I am having a heart attack. It is not throwing up exactly, but a pain in your chest and then food moving back up to your mouth and out. Not to be gross or anything but it is awful. So instead of eating, I am back to protein drinks and other liquids. I won't even touch soup at this point that is not just clear broth. These past episodes have made me afraid to even try to eat anything. I am not afraid though. My reading on has said that the band may get tighter a little time after the fill. Regardless, this is my experience and at least I was prepared for it. No problem right? Right! My boyfriend however, is very concerned and told me that I didnt have to do this. I was fine the way I was and he doesnt like seeing me suffer. Isnt that the sweetest thing you have every heard?? I think so.
Exercise has been a little difficult this week, but I will try and get back on it this week. I had to travel quite a bit and that always throws my schedule off. BLECH! I will get it together this week.
Anyway, have a great day and hope all is going well!!!!
(11/21/08) 290
(12/1/08) 273
(12/7/08) 268
(12/14/08) 270
12/21/08) 268
(1/19/09) 260
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Monday, January 12, 2009

WEIGH-IN (-25 pounds) Week 7

Oh happy day! I weighed in today at my docs office and I am down 25 pounds. In addition to that I also had my FIRST fill today. First, let me say that I love my doctor. I found him in Dallas Texas and he is wonderful. His name is Dr. Jayaseelan Nirmal MD 7777 Forest LnDallas, TX 75230972-566-2263. He was nice and funny and his staff was awesome. Today was my first visit to him and it was a great experience. I travel alot with my job so although I reside in Tennesseee, I am here on business quite a bit and it was convenient. His rates are great too.

Folks, the fill was painless and quick and he does all of his under flouroscopy. I have a 4cc band and today he put 2cc's in it. He put numbing medicine in the site of entry and then put the 2 cc's in. I felt fine. I have been eating soup since he recommends eating clear liquids for the first 24-48 hours then on to regular liquids. I had some broth and kept on trucking! I am hungry though and I just ordered more soup.

I am happy to have had such a great experience and I am on my way to work out now. I feel really uplifted and hope that 2 cc's will give me a great start.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Week 6 Weigh-In (-24 pounds)

Happy New Year People!!!

Still at war!!!! The fight is different now. I am now at war with my next three pounds. Instead of telling you all that I have teetered between 20 to 23 pounds, I am now tottering between 23 and 26 pounds. It's the evil three pound rule (LOL)! I am in good spirits and recovered from my cookie eating binge....especially since I ate them all and they are now gone....NOT to be replaced. Thanks for the post to my cookie monster posting. I literally laughed till my sides split. Read it....its funny and sympathetic at the same time.

Since the cookie monster post, I have turned it up a notch (as Emeril says) and I have been an exercising fiend. I strongly advocate you all to buy any of the biggest loser videos. My favorites are cardiomax and Jillian Michaels front and backside workouts. Not the official name but easy enough to find. I have been working out twice a day since "cookie monster". Since I had some time off for the holiday, I just threw myself into the workout. Now I am back at work and yesterday during lunch I jogged/walked 2 miles and cardio lifted for 15 minutes. I am so glad to be at work and not at home thinking about what is in my pantry and fridge. Gheesh! I am a horrible stay at home person and god bless any of you who are stay at home mom's and such who have the discipline to eat right and not go overboard. I would have ballooned to twice my size if left to my own devices!

My first fill is in 6 days and I am super excited because despite my plunges into sugar darkness, I am showing signs of loss and that is without the fill. With the fill, I should be able to accomplish more. Part of me wants to take advantage of this 'open' time and eat all that my little heart desires but I am not going to do it. I eat plenty now as it is. I do have problems with tuna and chicken going down though. I think I don't take the time to chew as much as I should but to be honest, all that chewing takes the fun out of it for me so I have been eating a lot of fish. All kinds. Tilapia, salmon and trout are my favorites and I fix them all kinds of ways.....blackened, bourbon, baked/breaded. Yummy. I still keep one staple the same since my liquid days and that is to drink one or two Atkins Advantage shakes a day. One every morning and another if I need it as a snack. Need meaning that I am in a rush and/or too lazy to cook myself something.

Anyway, happy holidays lap-banders! I hope your year is starting off just right!