Sunday, March 15, 2009

WEIGH-IN (- 44pounds) Week 15

Greetings People!

I am still tightly restricted and not able to eat much solid food and to be quite honest miserable. I am healthy though. My doctor says that if I have not acid reflux, heartburn, etc. I am ok and should take advantage of the weight loss. Great right? I am missing food. Missing chewing. Missing eating period. I know that people crave restriction but come on! I think I am leaning towards the "Lets lose weight slowly" crowd. If I could eat a cup full of food a sitting I would be the happiest camper.

In other news.....I have had to think about getting some smaller clothes. My bigger clothes look really crappy and I am a little sad about it. Isnt that crazy. I am skipping over sizes. Its crazy. I did empty out my closet to send my clothes to some friends but I am upset that the Michael Kors pants I bought last year didnt get to touch my rear end. I have great clothes and I am going to hate to depart with some of them. I know, I can get them taken in and I have but it seems to be never ending. I picked a couple of dresses up that I had taken in and they had to be taken in again. How do you handle the whole clothes part of the deal? It seems pointless to buy much. I do need to look professional every day and my failsafe dresses look dumpy!

The picture though is of me now in a dress I couldnt wear for the past three years. Some might think its still a little tight but I think its PERFECT!!!

Anywho, everyone have a great week.

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Libra Diva said...

hello, i just wanted to say that i think you look amazing in the dress. i just went threw the same thing with the clothes not fitting properly, having to give away new clothes and i actually cried about it when i saw my closet was empty. i don't think you are crazy about the restriction part. we will never be satisfied with what we have although we always wish and dream for it, and that includes our bodies also. it's funny that way because i would love to have that type of resrtiction but the being able to chew part is really a mental thing we have to get past. well i wish you the best and you look amazing already.