Monday, February 23, 2009

WEIGH-IN (-40 pounds) Week 13

Hello all. I am attempting to get back on track. You will not beleive that I have lost 10 pounds in one week. Why? How? Well I had my second fill....1 cc to total 3cc in a 4.75 cc band and today is the full 1 week liquids phase my doctor recommended I do. Of course, I have attempted to eat real food but I can not keep it down. I have eaten soup however, I cant eat anything else...another soup, until 8 hours later. I am not panicking yet though. If it lasts much longer I think I may have to have some taken out. I don't feel very hungry or anything after I eat the soup but I don't want to be stuck eating soup for 3 weeks you know? Anyone out there have this experience? If so, please chime in. It is very important. Does this thing loosen up or what? The loss is so unbeleivable that I think that if I start eating again I will gain it back. From all my research of this particular situation, I won't but still. Happy with the results but not too happy with how I had to get here.

I can not beleive that I am just a pound a way to being INTERNSHIP STEPHANIE. Hahahahahah!!!!!! I am still exercising every day but it is much harder when you don't have a lot of calories in your system to energize yourself. I can tell a huge difference in the last week but I do what I can tolerate and then stop when I have to. I hope it loosens up a little bit more. This is torture. Funny how your tortured if you can eat and tortured if you can't. My PBing episodes have increased quite a bit though and that worries me.

My clothes are bags! Happy about that but unhappy that I now have minimal clothing options. As all of you can see I am a bit of a clothes horse so I am sad and happy at the same time.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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SlimColaGirl said...

congrats on ur weight loss so far, and I do hope it loosens up. Wouldn't worry about the lbs coming back. With the new fill working you'll lose anyway, so it's all good.

Nina said...

OMG! I can so relate. I had a fill back in October and was on liquids and also lost 10 pounds. Down side is that I had NO energy, so in turn, I did little exercise.

I am not sure how other bandsters still continue to lose weight without not having the energy from the calorie restrictions? I just had some of my fill takne out a few weeks ago and still haven't gained it back.

I will say that now that I can eat some, I feel so much better, because I have the energy to exercise.

Just remember to take those vitamins. And the amount of weight you lose will also depend on how many calories you consume, exercise and your metabolism!

Good luck to you.

-Nina :)

Jennifer Ashley said...

Look at you girl!!! 40lbs - I am soooo proud of you!!! Isn't it the best feeling when you put on an outfit that several months ago you couldn't wear!?!? Keep up the great work!

Catherine55 said...

Congratulations! I was surprised when I saw your current weight b/c you already look much thinner than that and really carry it well!